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About: Joris Hoendervangers

Joris’ passion for computer programming and joy in teaching others lead him to create PythonSherpa in 2018. His background as a bond broker and in sales became a road map to learning Python himself. After several years providing software training in financial markets, Joris discovered exciting new digital tools for learning Python and was eager to share his methods with others – especially those who may not consider themselves programmers. His Python courses focus on beginners. All who are willing to put in the effort can succeed in his courses to become confident future coders.

Why learn Python?

There are plenty of reasons! Just to name a few:

  • Python is the fastest growing programming language.
  • Python is beginner friendly. Easy to read, write, and learn.
  • Python is the main language for data science.
  • Python has an huge and supportive community.
  • Learning Python will benefit your career.

Every day we are getting more and more data. Jobs are changing fast. The world is moving fast. These days it is no longer enough just to know Microsoft Excel. Make sure you stay ahead of the game!


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